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The reason for the formation of VHB, in 2000, was the wish on the part of Hartman Tuinmeubelen to control its complete logistics operations for the Benelux and Germany from a single centre. By assuming responsibility for the overall planning of all transport operations, VHB was able to generate major improvements in Hartman?s ability to offer its customers reliable delivery services and to enhance the overall efficiency of the company?s transport services. VHB was able to offer Hartman a transport guarantee with stringent conditions with respect to delivery times and service quality. In exchange for those services, Hartman agreed to outsource its entire transport package to VHB.

Who is VHB logistics BV

VHB Logistics is the partnership between Haarman Transport, HST of Enschede, and Bolk Transport of Almelo. The collective transport services offered by VHB now enables the partnership to transport all goods from 1 to 100,000 kg to every corner of Europe, including warehousing, storage, and related services.

The participating partners in VHB specialize in the following areas: 
Haarman Transport operates in pallet and distribution transport and logistics in the Netherlands and Germany;
HST has three operating companies in the field of package delivery services, mixed cargo, Value-Added Logistics and Scandinavian transport;
Bolk Transport is mainly involved in VHB?s covered transport division. Bolk?s other specializations, namely, container transport, extraordinary loads, and distribution transport are also available within the package offered by VHB.

All of the transport companies operating under the VHB partnership are independent entities. The partnership is primarily oriented to servicing customers whose orders exceed the capacities or operational complexity levels of the individual companies.

The joint capacity of the four VHB logistics partners comprises 260 transport units and 350 employees. The total turnover of the partnership is ?50 million. The partnership between these four major transport companies from the Twente region was a reaction to the recommendation, issued some time ago by the government, to improve cargo loads and efficiency in transport by bundling and harmonizing transport streams.


VHB works on commissions from major forwarding companies that require complete transport planning and organization service packages, including warehousing, whereby the shareholders guarantee full transport capacity. By outsourcing the complete planning operations, the principal is able to focus on its core business while the transport agreement between VHB and the principal covers all the required quality and delivery time criteria.

For more information, please contact:

VHB Logistics BV  Frank Heitkamp tel. +31(0)53-4308391
Haarman Transport   Gerard ter Brugge tel. +31(0)53-4800048
Bolk Transport André Pluimers tel. +31(0)546-480480
HST Groep Gerard ter Brugge tel. +31(0)53-4800048