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Hartman Groep of Enschede

* Worldwide producer of garden furniture, see
The reason for the formation of VHB, in 2000, was the wish on the part of Hartman Tuinmeubelen to control its complete logistics operations for the Benelux and Germany from a single centre. By assuming responsibility for the overall planning of all transport operations, VHB was able to generate major improvements in Hartman?s ability to offer its customers reliable delivery services and to enhance the overall efficiency of the company?s transport services. VHB was able to offer Hartman a transport guarantee with stringent conditions with respect to delivery times and service quality. In exchange for those services, Hartman agreed to outsource its entire transport package to VHB.

Twenthe Plant of Hengelo

* Import + export of garden plants across Europe, see
* In 2002, Twenthe Plant of Hengelo decided to outsource its outgoing logistics to VHB. Twenthe Plant exports tree grower?s products to the furthest corners of Europe. Germany and Scandinavia are particularly important destinations serviced from Hengelo. VHB also offers Twenthe Plant reliability and substantial streamlining of its outgoing transport.

TKF of Lochem

* TKF BV, worldwide producer of cables, see
* As of 1 September 2003, BV Twentsche Kabelfabriek of Lochem resolved to outsource its entire logistical operation to VHB Logistics BV. The subsidiary of the TKH holding company is a worldwide producer and purveyor of cables. We provide the complete logistical services for TKF Lochem for the Netherlands, and partially for BR-Germany. To ensure short communication lines with TKF transport services, we have appointed personnel at the Lochem location.

John Deere of Enschede

* John Deere BV, worldwide producer of garden machines, see
* As of 1 September 2004, John Deere BV of Enschede decided to outsource the physical distribution of the ?Zero-turn machine project? to VHB Logistics BV.
To that end, VHB set up a Dedicated Warehouse in order to be able to realize the above-mentioned project.

TenCate Thiolon

* TenCate Thiolon produces high-quality components for synthetic turf systems,see
* In 2007 TenCate Thiolon outsourced the logistic activities warehousing and transportation to VHB logistics.
TenCate Thiolon is the world?s leading producer of synthetic turf fibers and components for synthetic turf systems.
VHB logistics set up a dedicated warehouse operation in which VHB is responsible for inbound, outbond and stock control. VHB logistics is also responsible for the trucking and delivery of the finished goods to the European based customers from TenCate Thiolon.

For export outside Europe the combi terminal in Hengelo is being executed by making use of the combi terminal in Hengelo.